EVE Waterproof Backpack / Duffel Bag
EVE Waterproof Backpack / Duffel Bag

EVE Waterproof Backpack / Duffel Bag

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Having the timeless and recognizable EVE Online logo on this waterproof duffel bag is probably already enough to convince any Capsuleer of its essential nature. Now consider that by adjusting its mesh shoulder straps, it doubles up as a highly practical backpack! The best ships in New Eden are known for their strength and versatility, so it's only fitting that one's equipment should be equally considered, and this EVE Online duffel bag does not disappoint.

  • Rugged duffel bag/backpack constructed from waterproof 500D Tarpaulin material
  • Features 2 adjustable mesh shoulder straps for use as a backpack
  • Connect the shoulder straps together with the hook and loop padded handle for use as a duffel bag
  • Padded handle on each side for easy access carrying
  • 2 compression straps provide expandable room
  • Extra-large zippered main compartment and zippered front pocket with high quality zipper pulls
  • Zippered mesh pocket on inside flap of bag
  • Clear ID card holder slot
  • 12 inches H x 20 inches W x 12 inches